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Buy refurbished Yamaha keyboard
Buying my keyboards you are ensured that:
  • they have been dismantled,
  • thorough checkup has been made against internal faults,
  • all keys has been cleaned separately & lubed with special grease,
  • speakers and internals has been cleaned off the dust, pollens and mites (allergy free),
  • firmware has been updated to the newest one.
In general, such keyboards are restored to their best available condition, including touching up marks, scuffs and cracks (if any). They are fresh in look and touch - like second removing from original box - and are ready to enjoy.

* GENUINE examples of keyboards sold by me > > >

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Yamaha PSR-1100 with black painted speakers grilles Yamaha PSR-S700 with custom paints Yamaha PSR-3000 with black painted speakers grilles Yamaha PSR-3000 Yamaha PSR-S900 Yamaha PSR-S910 Yamaha Tyros Yamaha Tyros-2

Refurbishing Yamaha keyboards
Being a trader I can see there are many of keyboards that may require good treatment. For better "feel", for better sale, or - finally - for better use. Cost: 45 pounds.

Refurbishments included in price:
  • keys cleaning (please note it's not 10 sec cloth wiping, but 2 hours job including keyboard disassembly, washing all keys separately as well as washing keypad),
  • keypad/keys lubing - if required (Yamaha PSR models do require it, and Tyroses do not),
  • pitch bender/modulation wheel lubing,
  • keyboard rubber contacts and keypad contacts cleaning,
  • casing cleaning (again, keyboard is completely disassembled, not only wiped for 10 seconds),
  • speakers and grilles cleaning (including under-grilles area),
  • firmware upgrade to newest revision.
Refurbishment takes about 24 hours.

I do casing lacquering as well to save original paint layer. As you might know, sweaty fingers kept at painted instrument cause original paint to get worn partially, which looks not good. If place when you kept them (volume knob, benders, buttons etc) does have description, it comes off definately. To prevent this I put 2 layers of matt crystal clear lacquer.
This is additional cost and takes 2-4 days, depending on weather (when is all day rain, it takes longer due to stops in lacquering).

I can paint speakers grilles to black to restore its fresh look - see pictures. Again, it's not simply spraying whetever is there, but grilles are sanded down, washed, primed, painted and lacquered. It takes 2-4 days, depending on weather.

Visit link to see more finished jobs - Yamaha musicians forum

Yamaha keyboard repairs

Additional (to refurbishing) low cost of some repairs, YAMAHA ORIGINAL REPLACEMENTS ARE USED:
If you don't refurbish but repair only, minimum rate of 15-20 pounds is added for minimum job (opening, dismantling, assembling and closing = takes plenty of time).

I can pick up and/or deliver your keyboard within reasonable distance for fuel cost, but pre-payment must be made. Please ask.

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