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Who am I
Yesterday I was ordinary hobbyst interested in computers since 1986.
Today I decided to carry a passion and personal interests onto market soil, so it is why JeomaX brand arose up. I do now, what I was doing for over 25 years and I want to do it as well as before: honestly and with the complete engaging for a client and his needs. His invested money should last for a long time, making a computer as much comprehensive and elastic as possible, fitted in the future for upgrade, but not exchange.

Obviously I am aware of that computers can not be extended forever,
that is why I offer an exchange of components at the conduct of some previous parts. I am located in Watford, north-west part of Greater London. I send equipment by a courier, or deliver by myself once it is thoroughly tested. I trade in the internet only.
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Site navogation
Going back to homepage
It as simple as clicking the top-left-hand side logo.

Upper menu
Is just for couple operations: login/logout, showing THIS page (About), news, forums and orders. There is login status and 2 "eggs" as well - read below.

Login status
Look at top-right-hand side corner and that orange text on right of 2 "eggs" is your status. If you are logged in, status should say "welcome", otherwise "not logged" appears. When logged, You have got more possibilities (like computer customization, access to your orders etc). Site login is DIFFERENT in news section.

Languge selection
Look at top-right-hand side corner and 2 "eggs" - that is your tool for language change. There are 2 language versions available at this moment: polish and english. So feel free to change.

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When you customize...
It is a very handful description that will tell you briefly, what is inside of your machine. During customization (which is optional) You can change parts wherever you like and observe this window, how it changes.
No worries, you cannot mix inapropriate components (for example AMD-based motherboard and Intel processor), so pick and try. In the same time we advise to watch the window below as a part of the same system.

This very helpful advisor will tell you briefly, what is wrong and what could be better in your machine. You can treat it as your sales consultant in any shop.
Try to clean up this window !

Some demonstration movies to watch
Mandriva 2008.1 - fresh install functionality
This is what you have got after fresh install. Computer is a Dell laptop, not so powerful as most of modest desktop computers. Nice, 4-minutes guide to system usage with commentary.
Original file is here;.
Mandriva 2008 PowerPack + Compiz Fusion
This great movie shows Mandriva 2008 with power pack addition. Compiz fusion is integral part of each Mandriva, so everyone is able to bend, move, stick, wobble (and more) windows in this way...
Original file is here.
The new Compiz Fusion plugins: screensaver and aquarium
Two very nice screensavers.
Original file is here.
Linux and Windows evolution
Interesting development of GNU/Linux systems and funny Windows foul-ups.
Original file is here.
Linux vs Microsoft
Interesting comparison of two laptops: equipped with Linux and Vista.
Original file is here.