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Buy a computer
What makes me different ?
Buying brand new computer has never been easier. My philosophy
helps you to save your time by:
And everything secured (https payment), easy explained with lot of description and helpers. For your convienience a short summary and auto advisor are provided - please treat them as they were your personal salesperson. See simple guide explaining how it works !

Why should you choose me ?
I don't waste your money. You spend exactly how much you need or want. Once asked, I respond within 24 hours. I don't make customers waiting long minutes "due to high calls volume".
I don't waste your time.
Computer choosen should last for long time, because of it's specification (upgradable !).
Buy a computer
JeomaX nVidia partner
Create a webpage
What am I doing ?
I create a various range of web pages:
I provide a various range of computer services as well - computer upgrades, home Internet sharing, virus removing and general troubleshooting.

Why it is worth to stick with me ?
I operate on HTML, CSS, PHP, MySQL and JS standards, all sites are compatible with MSIE, Firefox, Opera and Chrome. My prices start at £ 30 (for simple, one page, with graphic provided by customer) for web design and £ 15 for other service.

I provide all, complete path from creating the code to showing your webpage working on
separate server, with your domain name chosen.
Create a webpage
Music keyboards
What you may expect ?
I refurbish used YAMAHA keyboards, restoring them to very good condition and sell as part of set that allows you to start joy with no additional costs. All my keyboards are being sold always:
All of those are available as separate service for your own keyboard as well as additional repairs including:
Create a webpage
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