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Internal devices:

Motherboard: s2011-3 X99 4-way SLI/CF M.2 SoundCore3 info
Processor: info
Memory: info
Memory-2*: info
Graphic card: info
Graphic card-2*: info
Sound card*: Integrated info
Sound card-2*: info
LAN card: Integrated info
S-ATA controller: Integrated info
USB controller: Integrated info
FireWire controller: Integrated info
Hard disk: info
Hard disk-2*: info
Floppy: info
Optical drive: info
Optical drive-2*: info
PSU: info
Case: Zalman Z11 Plus info
Keyboard: Zalman ZM-M200 Optical Mouse USB info
Mouse: Microsoft Wired Keyboard 200 - USB info
Operation system: info

   * if applicable

External peripherals:

Speakers: info
LCD Monitor: info

Modifications used:


Your computer looks likePlace for monitorJeomaX summary
* 4 core/8 threads processor
* 16 GB RAM
* DX 11 graphic card
* 1256 GB storage capacity, SSD detected
* DVD 8.5 GB writer
* Linux Fedora with huge free software pack installed
JeomaX advisor
* You should not cut memory
* Floppy disk drive not detected
* this graphic card requires better PSU
* Your soundcard is 7.1 and your speakers are unchosen, so you can pick more adequate speakers
* You can add a monitor to your graphic card
Place for speakers
Current price
£ 1347
£ 1347
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